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Loves me, Loves Me Not:A Sprinkler Full of Daisies

If he loves you, how about a sprinkler can full of silk daisies that don't have to be sprinkled with water.  They'll be yours to keep forever.

put them on the patio or in a bedroom and they'll always be pleasing to the eye, especially  with the mini birdhouse standing out at the top of the daisies.  And just as pleasing is the bristle bird standing on the spout of the sprinkler, no doubt waiting for the water to ripple through the spout and quench his thirst.

The Sprinkling can filled with daisies measures 14" x 14" x 12.5."

  • Return Policy

    May be returned within 2 weeks of purchase with return shipping paid by buyer.  Must be in excellent condition to receive 80% of purchase price. The other 20% is to refund 1st shipping fee and restocking.


    If received in a damage state, call The Good Home immediately to prompt a resolution.